We’ve showcased the Econolite EVO RADAR sensor before. But, we’ve received such strong interest in this detection solution that we‘re highlighting it again in case you missed the earlier article.

What separates EVO RADAR from other detection products?

  • Saves you money by only requiring two sensors at an intersection (each sensor provides a 110-degree field-of-view)
  • Offers 900’ of detection approach area
  • Works with all approaches to reduce travel times and traffic congestion
  • Increases safety by easily detecting motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists
  • Features both advance and departure detection
  • Deploys simply and quickly with a straightforward user interface
  • Minimizes traffic disruption when maintenance is required by requiring fewer lane closures

In summary, EVO RADAR maximizes traffic flow and safety at intersections while minimizing your costs and headaches.

We’re not surprised by the response we’re seeing. Municipalities are clearly understanding the value this system provides. Please contact us for more details about EVO RADAR.