Path Master, Econolite, TRC Partnership


Anaheim, Calif., October 16, 2018 — Econolite today announced that it has partnered with the Transportation Research Center, Inc.’s (TRC Inc.) Smart Mobility Advanced Research Test Center (SMARTCenter) (East Liberty, Ohio) – a state-of-the-art automated and connected vehicle testing facility designed to test advanced automotive and mobility technologies. As part of the partnership, Econolite will design and install the facility’s traffic management and V2X systems.

“Once complete and supported by TRC Inc.’s service offerings, the SMARTCenter will be one of the largest and most comprehensive contained testing facilities for automated and connected vehicles,” said TRC Inc. President and CEO Brett Roubinek. “To test connected vehicle systems in a safe, secure, and repeatable real-world environment absolutely demands leading-edge infrastructure and traffic control systems. Partnering with Econolite to provide the very traffic management systems that will manage connected vehicles when they’re deployed on public roads and highways further enhances TRC’s ability to provide state of the art service to our customers.”

Econolite will design and install the SMARTCenter’s Traffic Control System that will control the signalized intersections, vehicle detection, facility monitoring, and wireless connectivity. Working with its Ohio distributor, Path Master Inc. (Twinsburg, Ohio), Econolite will also install the V2X systems, including the Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) network that will provide a fully-functioning connected vehicle environment.

“We are proud to partner with the SMARTCenter to assist in achieving its objective to provide a comprehensive facility for the development and testing of highly automated and connected vehicle technologies,” said Econolite VP of Systems Integration Jon Ringler. “Econolite and the SMARTCenter share a similar mission in developing the critical technologies that offer more accessibility and mobility options while providing a safer and sustainable future.”

About Transportation Research Center:

Transportation Research Center Inc. (TRC Inc.) provides a wide range of engineering, research and development, and compliance and certification testing for the mobility industry. With 40-plus years of engineering expertise and industry knowledge, TRC Inc. serves the needs of industries, governments, trade associations, and educational institutions worldwide. TRC Inc. is located on approximately 4,500 acres of land in East Liberty, OH, 40 miles northwest of Columbus, OH. TRC Inc. operates 24/7 with a variety of facilities including road courses, wooded trails, 7.5-mile Highspeed Oval Test Track, and a 50-acre Vehicle Dynamics Area. On this expansive facility, TRC Inc. conducts programs designed to test for safety, energy, fuel economy, emissions, durability, performance, noise, crash simulation, and crash-worthiness. Programs evaluate performance of passenger cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, airplanes, off-road, tracked, alternative-fueled vehicles, and their components.