TrafficCast and Path Master, Inc.

Path Master, Inc. is pleased to announce its exclusive distributorship with TrafficCast International beginning September 13, 2012 in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania. TrafficCast provides real-time travel time through their industry leading BlueTOAD™ system and via their agnostic traffic engine Dynaflow™.  The Dynaflow engine provides real-time, historic and predictive road speed data and other traffic-related information based on advanced patented digital traffic algorithms. BlueTOAD integrates a range of wireless technologies to monitor travel times, road speeds and route behaviors through detection of Bluetooth signals emanating from passing vehicles, with more than 1,000 installations worldwide. TrafficCast powers industry leading traffic-enabled navigation PNDs and mobile applications, automobile manufactures, web portals, Television stations and 30+ state DOT’s.  The company is based in Madison, Wisconsin, with offices in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, South Florida and Shanghai.

Please call or email us to inquire about these products. We are very excited about this addition to our solutions to your ITS needs.