Cobalt Controller Release by Econolite

Econolite Introduces Breakthrough Advanced Transportation Controller (ATC)

Cobalt™ was designed to accommodate the mobile needs of today’s traffic
management professionals

Anaheim, Calif., April 15, 2013 – Econolite today introduced the next generation in advanced transportation controllers - Cobalt. Cobalt is the first controller to feature a new platform in advanced communications and user interface designed to accommodate the mobile computing environment. Its new user interface makes its operations and access to essential functions the most intuitive and hassle-free controller on the market today. Developed on the industry Advanced Transportation Controller (ATC) standards, Cobalt provides an unmatched combination of ATC controller functionality with a breakthrough user interface.

Cobalt was designed to incorporate leading-edge mobile technology and user-friendly applications to help make controller operations simpler to access and manage. “Built upon industry hardware standards, and incorporating our robust ASC/3 software, Cobalt’s user interface makes it the easiest-to-use advanced transportation controller,” said Econolite Chief Technology Officer Gary Duncan. “With its straightforward navigation and operating system, Cobalt represents an ideal combination of form, function and familiarity that was designed with direct input from the industry and our customers.”

Cobalt was designed to exceed the ATC 5.2b, as well as the forthcoming ATC 6.x, industry hardware standards. Cobalt features an environmentally hardened touchscreen interface with the brightest color display available. At its foundation, Cobalt powers Econolite’s proven ASC/3-based software running with an intuitive graphics-based navigation system that can also be used with tablet or laptop devices. Mobile device connectivity includes four Ethernet ports and two Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports that include support for an external Wi-Fi device. Cobalt also includes a Secure Digital (SD) port to provide almost unlimited file storage capability.  

Cobalt is manufactured conforming to ISO 9001 quality standards and is available in two configurations, TS1/TS2 Type 1 or Type 2.

Learn more about Cobalt at the ITS America 23rd Annual Meeting and Exhibition, April 22-24, 2013 being held at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Convention Center (Nashville, Tenn.), Econolite Group, Inc. booth #407.

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