Econolite Introduces Autoscope® Software Upgrade With Bicycle Differentiation

Autoscope Version 10.3.0 free software upgrade enables bicycle differentiation from cars and is backward compatible to existing Autoscope detection systems 
Anaheim, Calif., May 5, 2014 – Econolite and Image Sensing Systems, Inc. (ISS) (NASDAQ: ISNS), today introduced Autoscope® version 10.3.0 software upgrade. The latest Autoscope software upgrade provides bicycle differentiation and is compatible to all existing Autoscope Solo® Terra™, RackVision™ Terra™, Encore, and Duo detection systems.
By enabling bicycle-differentiated detection, Autoscope 10.3.0 supports bicycle minimum green programming (Bike-Min) that is becoming more prominent, even specified, in many traffic signal programs, as well as offered as a standard feature of modern traffic signal controllers, including Econolite ASC/3 and Cobalt® ATC controllers. Autoscope 10.3.0 is now available.
Econolite and ISS have been long-time supporters of multi-modal transportation. Since 1991, Autoscope has successfully detected bicycles, and has played a primary role in satisfying bicycle detection objectives, in applications like the Davis and Sacramento, Calif., and Portland, Ore. bicycle transportation programs.

“With this new software release, recognition of cyclists at signalized intersections is now integrated within specific Autoscope detector functions,” said Scott Robinson, Econolite Autoscope product manager. “This approach not only supports current industry requirements for better identification of bicycles and vehicles, but also provides an easier way to setup and configure detection zones to satisfy multiple detection objectives.”

In addition to bicycle differentiation and stop bar detection, agencies can leverage Autoscope for advance detection, surveillance, as well as traffic data collection – a true multi-objective and multi-tasking detection solution.
Autoscope 10.3.0 is available at no charge to all registered Autoscope users. Contact Econolite or your sales representative to upgrade existing Autoscope Solo Terra, RackVision Terra, Encore, and Duo detection systems to Autoscope 10.3.0.
About Econolite
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