Econolite Group Launches Cobalt® ATC Tablet App

Breakthrough touch screen interface now accessible on a tablet with Cobalt Mobile

Anaheim, Calif., May 21, 2014 – Econolite today introduced the Company’s first mobile traffic controller AndroidTM tablet application – Cobalt® Mobile. Downloadable for free from the Google Play Store, Cobalt Mobile enables the identical touchscreen user interface and functionalities of Cobalt ATC when accessed on an Android-powered mobile tablet device while directly connected to the Cobalt controller via a wireless or wired connection.

Cobalt Mobile is a Wi-Fi connected remote control app that enables a user to connect and program a Cobalt controller without having to use the controller’s front panel keyboard/display. This provides the ability to work comfortably and safely from a vehicle or other location away from the cabinet. Cobalt Mobile duplicates the controller’s touch screen operability, enabling menu selection and programming data entries, and access to help screens. It also allows common tablet touch gestures to select menu items, make programing entries (numeric, yes/no, enable/disable, etc.), or user selections from pull-down lists. Cobalt Mobile provides intuitive interaction with controller functions, making traffic management programming and access to the Cobalt controller functions easier and faster.

Authorized users can download Cobalt Mobile for free at Google Play. A wireless router, available for purchase separately from Econolite, plugged into the Cobalt ATC inside the traffic cabinet provides the recommended method to activate the Cobalt Mobile app on the tablet and to access the controller’s programming and status.

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About Econolite

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