Inventory. Value. Service. Three Words that sum up Our Operating Philosophy.

pathmaster services

We are one of the nation's largest distributor/manufacturer's of advanced traffic management equipment. This means literally we have hundreds of different components in stock to give you immediate availability as well as the lowest possible price. Our modern warehousing operation consists of 36,000 square feet of space, making Path Master the best choice for all your traffic needs.


services workerThis, combined with our trained personnel and advanced systems, means we can ship new components or replacement parts, often the same day. We stock, ship, service, and support our products. For instance, we offer you complete engineering and technical capabilities. Our engineering staff includes both electrical and mechanical engineers who will design a system that matches components and software for optimum efficiency and performance.

Our production staff then builds your system with top quality components, housings and workmanship. We also fabricate custom cabinets as needed, which conform to any timer or configuration, and can include ancillary equipment. During production, our quality control testing procedures assure you of zero defect shipments and long service life. We'll also train your personnel in the use of your new system. Plus, we have a complete technical test and repair facility for everything we sell. We can service in our shop or in the field as required. Finally, you'll find that our customer service people are both friendly and knowledgeable. We understand your system and we understand the urgency and stress of keeping it running. So call us with a question, a problem or an order. You'll find we're ready to help.

Complete List of Services

    • ITS Solutions
    • Pole Design and Engineering
    • Custom Cabinet design,
      Assembly and Integration
    • Testing
    • Repair
    • Troubleshooting
    • Custom Signal Assembly
    • Field Application Support
    • Installation Support
    • Inventory Management
    • Technical Support