Path Master Traffic Technology VendorFor nearly 25 years, Carmanah has been known for delivering durable and dependable AC- and solar-powered infrastructure to cities, militaries, and commercial facilities worldwide. From their early days as a pioneer in marine lighting, they have grown to become one of the most trusted authorities in solar power and energy optimization, as well as one of the most prolific providers of traffic beacons and signs. The company currently boasts more than 100,000 installations across North America.

With a steadfast commitment to power efficiency and intuitive design, Carmanah is continuously pushing the envelope on what is possible when it comes to traffic safety infrastructure. Their product portfolio focuses on solving some of the industry’s most challenging and persistent problems—crosswalk and school zone safety, wrong-way driving, and traffic calming—all while being incredibly efficient, low-maintenance, and easy-to-use. Whether you’re looking to improve walkability, slow down traffic, or ensure a sign can be seen, Carmanah can help you do it.

Path Master Traffic Technology Vendor