Path Master teamed with Econolite to integrate its Centracs Edaptive adaptive signal control system in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. As a result, the township has experienced reductions in peak traffic congestion as well as greater flexibility in responding to unexpected events that impact traffic such as inclement weather.

As a fast-growing suburb of Pittsburgh, Cranberry Township’s population doubles during workdays as commuters travel to their jobs. Since the township is unable to increase its roadway capacity, it decided to incorporate the Edaptive adaptive control system into their Centracs central system. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Edaptive helps the township by automatically optimizing traffic signal timing including cycle lengths, off-sets, and splits in real time.

Path Master has a lengthy history with Cranberry Township. We began working with the township in the mid-nineties when we installed their first interconnected closed loop system of 15 traffic signals and have continued to partner with them over the years to improve traffic flow as the township grows.

Path Master continuously keeps us on the cutting edge of technology with consistent, reliable support,” says Kelly Maurer, Public Works Assistant Director. “They’ve provided a seamless transition over the last 25 years using the most current traffic signal technology that our residents have come to expect, and our region looks to as a model of success.