IntersectionsA traffic intersection is a junction or an area of the roadway where two or more roads cross. Traffic intersections can be controlled by Stop or Yield Signs, Traffic Signals, or by constructing roundabouts. We were founded to provide these basic items needed to operate a traffic intersection. In 1914, the world's first electric traffic signal was installed in Cleveland, Ohio. The inventor, Garett Morgan, believed that this would be the future for relieving traffic accidents and improving traffic flow. Although intersections have evolved since then, the basic desire remains the same today.

Path Master has a solution for all intersection needs:

  • Vehicular and pedestrian signals
  • Signal Mounting Hardware
  • Traffic control cabinets
  • Conflict Monitoring Devices
  • UPS battery backup cabinets & components
  • Pedestrian push buttons
  • Pedestrian poles
  • Mast arm and strain poles
  • Signal cable
  • Pull boxes
  • Advanced detection
  • Emergency Vehicle Applications
  • Signage and Mounting Hardware (MUTCD Regulatory or Warning signs, LED Street Signs, Internally Illuminated and, Black out Signage, HAWK and RRFB systems)
  • Traffic Calming Devices
  • School Warning Systems and Software
  • Lighting Solutions
  • CCTV Solutions
  • Communication Applications and Devices
  • Traffic Management Systems

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