We strive to align ourselves with the leading traffic equipment manufacturers in the industry. We are continually searching for the newest technology available to improve traffic management. The goal is to share these innovations with you so that we can provide the public with the safest and most efficient roadways.


Since 1997, Advanced Digital Cable (ADC) has grown to become a leading manufacturer of copper and aluminum wire and cable products in the United States. Visit the Advanced Digital Cable website.


APX Enclosures is a top supplier of electrical enclosures and services. They were founded in January 2001 as Tri-County Enclosures Inc., focusing on outdoor traffic enclosures. Their specialty products are NEMA 3R and 4X enclosures that can be customized to meet your unique specifications. Visit the APX Enclosures, Inc. website.


Since 1947, Boschung has been engineering the world’s best Surface Condition Management technologies. This family-owned company has over 160 people at their headquarters in Switzerland and over 700 worldwide across their 12 offices in 11 countries. Visit the Boschung website.

COMNET Communications

Since 1984, ComNet Communications has been a leading provider of turnkey voice, data and video infrastructure support, from outside plant to inside structured cable installation. Visit the COMNET Communications website.


Dialight is a world leader in LED industrial lighting technology with millions of LED fixtures installed worldwide since 1971. Visit the Dialight website.


Genetec was founded in 1997 with the idea to build a physical security system that could empower their customers to protect the everyday. With over 24 years of innovation, they have a variety of Operations & Data and Unified Security products, including license plate and vehicle recognition cameras. Visit the Genetec website.


Holophane provides lighting systems for commercial, industrial, emergency and outdoor applications. Visit the Holophane website.


Intuicom creates innovative wireless solutions and expertise that provide users instant, networked access to remote or mobile devices. Visit the Intuicom website.


Kapsch TrafficCom is a globally renowned provider of transportation solutions for sustainable mobility. Their innovative solutions in the application fields of Tolling, Traffic Management, Demand Management and Mobility Services contribute to a healthy world without traffic congestion. Visit the Kapsch website.


Medeco is a market leader in high security key systems and cylinders. The trusted brand provides products that offer maximum security, safety, and control for schools, hospitals, banks, vending machines and parking meters, homes and offices, and traffic cabinets. Visit the Medeco website.


Milestone Systems is a leading provider of open platform video management software. They began as a small Danish start-up in 1998 and are now a provider of video technology worldwide. They now have 17 locations around the world, including their headquarters in Demark. Visit the Milestone Systems website.


Pelco Products is a leading traffic and utility hardware manufacturer and supplier in the traffic industry. Mounting brackets, lighting, poles, pedestrian push buttons, and copper theft deterrent solutions are among some of the items they provide. Visit the Pelco website.


P&K Tubular Products is a leader in the aluminum pole industry -- supplying the commercial, industrial, highway, traffic, decorative municipal and utility markets, as well as a wide variety of brackets. Visit the P&K Tabular/Flag Poles, Inc. website.


RAI Products offers both one-part and two-part loop detector sealants in a variety of packaging to fit your job. Whether you need hundreds of gallons of loop sealant for a large traffic signal project or just a single quart tube of loop sealant for a small loop at a parking gate they can help. Visit the RAI website.


In business since 1980, Eberle Design, Inc. (EDI) and Reno A & E is recognized as a worldwide developer and manufacturer of reliable high-performance component products designed to enhance and augment traffic control systems. The array of products including signal monitors, vehicle detectors, power supplies, flashers, load switches, and other vital infrastructure devices enables transportation professionals to integrate, automate, and manage traffic highways and intersections easily, efficiently and safely. Visit the Reno A&E website.


TREEHAVEN technologies manufacture a broad range of network-based IP video products and systems. Their camera site equipment includes cameras, local control units, cabling, mounts and cabinets. Treehaven also provides control room video management software, integrated network and joystick based camera control systems and video and PTZ control data transport equipment. Visit the Treehaven website.