Path Master features three primary sectors of services.


The heart of Path Master resides in intersection equipment. We provide the necessary components that make intersections function effortlessly. We can assist you with traffic flow and congestion, ensure safer pedestrian movement and help Emergency Vehicles arrive more quickly to their destination. We are a trusted advisor to countless cities who have relied on our knowledge and experience for many years.

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Smart Cities


Technology that brings all aspects of cities together in a strategic and methodical method are smart cities. We have been a key provider of implementing this technology and providing expertise to cities that are looking to provide advancements to its citizens. Through advanced detection and optimization of traffic, smart cities are winning big at helping to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and provide safer streets.

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When vehicles can interact with each other as well as intersections, information is provided real time to vehicles and drivers. The outcome is a safer commute as pedestrians and cyclists become more visible and drivers can be alerted to sudden differences in traffic flow. We are on the leading edge of connected vehicle technology.

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Connected Vehicles

The Growing Smart City of Avon, OH

Deploying Applied Information’s connected vehicle technology.

Path Master continues to help growing cities, like Avon, OH, stay ahead of the game with infrastructure improvements. We understand how important it is to not only move traffic efficiently, but safely. With the help of Applied Information’s remote traffic cabinet monitoring system, cabinet comms, and cellular preemption, Avon has been able to improve response times of their Fire and Police while causing minimal disruptions to local commuters. Our team will be with you every step of the way: from developing a smart city plan, to deployment, to offering continuing support from our field engineers.

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Path Master has been bringing the most innovative products and services to the traffic industry since 1976. We have a comprehensive line of high-quality products and a dedicated support team with a relentless focus on customer service.

Path Master IncWe have a complete line of solutions to meet all of your traffic control needs, including NEMA TS1/TS2 controllers and cabinets, video detection systems, Emergency Vehicle Preemption, 2070 controllers, 332/336 CALTRANS approved cabinets, Digital Wave Radar sensors, LED street name signs, solar-powered flashers, and central based advanced traffic management systems. And we have the expertise as well as the experience to help you make the best decisions regarding your traffic control objectives.

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