Since 1987, RTC Manufacturing has helped children get to school safely with their industry-leading, connected, intelligent flasher systems that make the monitoring, communicating, and scheduling of flashers a worry-free process.

RTC school zone products work in harmony to improve safety and efficiency. Their systems start with two types of school zone flashers. You may choose from the traditional 12” flashing beacon application or the new FlashCube™ which is a self-contained, energy-efficient, all-in-one flasher solution that scales to fit any location and flash-time requirements.

RTC Connect™ acts as the command center for your system. It’s the premier central software platform for programming, monitoring, and maintaining school zone flasher systems with two-way communication. It’s customizable, easy to configure, and the best way to get a snapshot of the school zone flashers in your area.

Lastly, the RTC Guardian Series products monitor systems and alert users by email or text of current and potential problems with batteries, solar panels, time switches, and power supplies located in flasher systems. These products fit nearly all cabinet types.

RTC is renowned for their innovation, high-quality equipment, and impeccable service. If you’re looking for a way to improve and simplify school zone safety within your community, contact us for more information.