For 50 years, Opticom™ has been the industry leader in priority control for fire and EMS users. But, now the Opticom™ Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) system is available for law enforcement divisions which can:

  • Improve response times by 25%
  • Reduce intersection crashes by 70%
  • Increase officer safety
  • Decrease liability for crashes with other motorists

With this incident-based system, you’re in control of which types of calls receive the green light. For example, you can activate the system for time-sensitive calls while deactivating it for non-emergencies. By doing so, you minimize traffic disruptions while improving safety for everyone on the road. Additionally, the EVP system can be deployed with your existing technology, so you’re not forced to tear out and replace older systems.

Please contact us to learn more about how the EVP system can benefit your community.