Save money and reduce the strain on your support staff by allowing us to host your Centracs system. This option is ideal for municipalities with limited budgets and IT/engineering resources.

With this service, Path Master will own, house, and maintain the required server network for you. Additionally, we’ll provide all training and support.

As part of the Centracs hosting package, Path Master will supply a new Econolite Cobalt Traffic Controller and a cellular communications device for each intersection. The cost will be spread over a five- or ten-year period billed annually. Additionally, we’ve structured the cost on a per-intersection basis, which gives you the flexibility to include as many intersections as your budget allows. We also offer a 100% guarantee on the equipment as long as your agency maintains a Centracs hosting contract with Path Master.

If your agency currently relies on an Aries system, please understand it’s no longer supported by Econolite. The master controllers used in this type of closed loop system aren’t being manufactured, and they’re not repairable. Our hosting plan provides a pathway to switch your systems before issues arise that may interrupt traffic flow.

If your municipality doesn’t have a Centracs system and you’d like to learn more about it, here’s a brief overview. It’s a central traffic management system that connects multiple intersections to a single source. This streamlined approach improves efficiency because it can monitor traffic at all connected intersections, and make changes to a single intersection directly from the management center.

Additionally, Centracs automatically generates real-time alerts when an intersection goes into flash, loses power, uses its battery backup, or experiences an open cabinet door. These alerts enable your agency to be more proactive about maintaining traffic flow and protecting public safety.

Centracs offers many of the newest technologies and latest advancements in the traffic industry, including SPM, connected vehicle capabilities, and Smart City capabilities. This allows smaller communities to have access to advanced data they’ve likely never had before.

Please contact us for more information about the advantages of our Centracs hosting service, or simply to learn more about Centracs.