Smaller municipalities may feel that advanced traffic management systems aren’t within their budget or operating capacity.

However, the Econolite Centracs 2.0 Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) addresses the traffic management challenges of all sizes of cities in an affordable, efficient manner. This includes municipalities without a lot of intersections.

Smaller cities can house the entire system on a single computer while enjoying easy-to-use tools such as traffic signal controls, ITS field device monitoring, information management, graphical data display and advanced traffic algorithms. (Larger cities with hundreds of traffic control devices can distribute their traffic management across multiple computers.)

Centracs 2.0 relieves the tedious, time-consuming burden of both monitoring traffic and the devices that help it run smoothly. This solution provides access to real-time detector monitors, and offers detailed reports packed with detailed traffic data. You can maximize the value of Centracs 2.0 by teaming it with Econolite’s traffic management system software modules (such as SPM, Edaptive, and MMS).

Meanwhile, drivers in your area can enjoy the benefits of Centracs 2.0 with shorter, safer commutes. First responders can also arrive on the scene more quickly.

Please contact us to learn more about how Centracs 2.0 can be an ideal traffic management solution system for any municipality.