Poor traffic signal timing contributes to congested roads, longer commutes, driver frustration, increased fuel consumption, greater pollution, and decreased safety.

Centracs Edaptive, the next-generation Adaptive Signal Control from Econolite, helps resolve all these issues. It relies on high-fidelity, 1/10th second resolution data to optimize signal cycles, offsets, and splits. Edaptive uses adaptive algorithms and monitors traffic changes caused by weather, construction, and local events to seamlessly adjust signal timings for real-time traffic conditions. This system also:

  • Improves flexibility with existing stop bar detection
  • Reduces or eliminates the costs of manual traffic counts
  • Offers even more benefit when combined with Centracs SPM data

As communities grow and traffic volume swells, your outdated traffic signal timing will create more headaches, and become a bigger drain on your resources. Contact us today to see how Edaptive will address your needs.