Continuously monitoring the status of your traffic control equipment is a tedious task. Centracs MMS does this work for you in real-time for the entire life cycle of your equipment. By doing so, Centracs MMS helps ensure your network operates properly around the clock, which ultimately leads to greater safety for drivers.

This centralized Geographic Information System (GIS) offers:

  • Real-time data logging, display, archiving, reporting, and notifications
  • At-a-glance map view of active work orders
  • Scheduled email report delivery to keep users informed when not logged into the system
  • User definable preventative maintenance work activities, plans, and schedules
  • Location-based storage and retrieval of drawings, manuals, and other documents in many formats including Word, PDF, etc.

And since Centracs MMS works with many mobile browsers, your field technicians can use smart devices to manage and report their work activities and equipment movements remotely. Please contact us to learn more about this advanced solution.