While you’re focused on other priorities, Econolite’s Centracs SPM is working 24/7 to optimize traffic flow for your community.

This cloud-based, traffic data collection and analytics system software continuously monitors traffic conditions and improves traffic signal coordination to shorten travel times, reduce traffic congestion, and improve safety. And all of this happens automatically without the need for human oversight.

In addition, Centracs SPM:

  • Detects intersection-specific issues (such as signal and pedestrian delays)
  • Provides high-resolution data for performance-based strategies
  • Enables you to develop traffic studies more quickly and economically

Give us a call today about Centracs SPM. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The Path Master team at OTEC 2021 learning more about SPM from Dr. Darcy Bullock of Purdue University.