Path Master Traffic Technology VendorIn business since 1933, and headquartered in Anaheim, CA, the Econolite company includes its product group, Econolite Control Products, Inc. and Econolite Canada; its service groups that include Econolite Systems, Inc. (ESI); and world-class Connected and Automated Vehicles consulting provided by CAVita. Econolite’s ITS solutions ease traffic congestion, provide safer mobility, and improve quality of life. As the one-stop-shop leader for traffic management systems, Econolites broad offerings include ITS policy, area-wide traffic management systems planning, integration and design, field services, operations, system software, sensors, traffic controllers, cabinets, and more. Econolite is committed to the advancement of connected and automated vehicles, smart cities, and cybersecurity. For more information, visit us at

Centracs® ATMS

Centracs is Econolite’s industry-leading traffic management software. With more than 325 systems deployed, Centracs is an intuitive GUI-based enterprise-class traffic software solution, providing powerful and flexible ITS management, traffic control, and data sharing in a single ATMS platform. Centracs leverages proven and robust client-server architecture and distributed processing for adding ITS system modules. This provides an unmatched return on investment through system scalability, communications, and implementation of various ITS strategies. It enables agencies to employ customized configurations and modules to meet the specific needs of virtually any agency’s traffic operations.

Centracs® Mobility

CentracsÒ Mobility is a highly flexible cloud-based software solution platform, designed to provide added value and actionable information that augments an agency’s traffic management software toolset. Centracs Mobility combines all the proven capabilities of Centracs ATMS, currently deployed in over 325 agencies worldwide, with the cloud-based data analytics of signal performance measures (SPM), signal timing optimization, and real-time signal control.

Econolite Sensors

Econolite’s suite of sensor products includes HD video, radar, and in-ground wireless detection solutions.

Autoscope Vision

Autoscope Vision is an integrated HD camera-processor sensor solution that delivers the highest levels of accuracy and performance for stop bar vehicle detection, bicycle detection and differentiation, advance vehicle detection, traffic data collection, and HD video surveillance.

Econolite Cabinets

Leveraging leading-edge technologies while strictly adhering to industry specifications and standards, Econolite offers one of the most extensive and comprehensive lines of intelligent traffic control cabinets in the industry.

ATC Cabinet (ATCC)

Econolite’s ATC Series represents the next generation in ITS traffic control cabinets. The ATCC Standard and ATCC Plus meet the ATC 5301 V02 standard while providing the most popular features of Econolite’s Caltrans, NEMA, and ITS cabinets to bring new levels of traffic management capabilities.


Econolite’s modular, weatherproof NEMA traffic cabinets meet all TS1 and TS2 specifications, ensuring compatibility and interchangeability with other industry components. The unique modular and Plug-N-Go designs help simplify configuration, installation, and allow for future expansion.

33X Series

The Econolite 33X Series of traffic control cabinets are built to meet the exacting NYSDOT, Caltrans, FHWA, and TEES standards and specifications. The EIA rack system provides ease and flexibility of component configuration.

Econolite also offers its Blue Series of ready-to-go cabinets, which include the most commonly configured cabinets above, as well as its TS2 Type 1 and 2 cabinets.

Econolite Controllers and Controller Software

Econolite’s state-of-the-art controllers not only keep the intersection safe while moving vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic efficiently, they also provide the critical communications link between vehicles and infrastructure that will help make connected vehicles and Smart Cities a reality.


Econolite’s flagship controller, Cobalt, represents the next generation in advanced transportation controllers specifically designed for the mobile computing environment. Fully meeting and exceeding the industry’s ATC standard 5.2b and proposed standard 6.10, Cobalt and Cobalt RackMount are designed to provide an unmatched combination of ATC controller open architecture functionality with the latest handheld technology and applications.


Econolite’s 2070 series of controllers are designed to meet the widest variety of ATC specifications. This design enables the ATC2070 to be easily configured to fit Caltrans 2070, 170, 170E, and NEMA TS1 and TS2 Type-1 and Type-2 applications. The 2070E hardware meets or exceeds industry standard traffic controller specifications, and the software base is supported through open architecture and a standard OS-9 multi-tasking operating system.

EOS Controller Software

EOS is Econolite’s breakthrough ATC controller software. Designed to power Econolite Cobalt (and other properly configured ATC controllers), EOS provides improved core traffic controller operation, enhanced features, and improved usability. EOS features real-time decision-making, allowing dynamic changes to nearly all features and timing ‘on-the-fly’, providing the operational benefits of adaptive control. EOS is also designed to help prepare transportation agencies, cities, MPOs, and others for support of connected vehicle and Smart City applications.

Click here for a datasheet on EOS Controller Software

Econolite Signals

Econolite’s traffic and pedestrian signals have led the industry in innovation while meeting and exceeding industry specifications. Econolite has traffic and pedestrian signal solutions for virtually every application, featuring ultra-bright LEDs that are more visible than traditional incandescent bulbs. Econolite’s traffic signals increase overall safety for all roadway users, helping reduce traffic collisions and providing more efficient intersection operations.


Econolite® is an innovator of ITS solutions, products, and services. Econolite is committed to employing advanced technologies that reduce travel time, ease congestion, enhance transit operations, provide safer mobility, and improve quality of life. The company’s mission and brand promise reflect its unwavering commitment to providing transportation agencies with solutions that increase roadway efficiencies. Please visit us at

Path Master Traffic Technology Vendor
Path Master Traffic Technology Vendor
Path Master Traffic Technology Vendor
Path Master Traffic Technology Vendor
Path Master Traffic Technology Vendor